ROE 505--- Artificial Intelligence

Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Graduate School of Natural Sciences

Fall 2019

Course Project


Step 1: Collecting data

  • Find some data, preferably from your work place, that you can use for some data mining task
  • If you can’t find useful data, you can generate data by scraping websites or use datasets available online
  • Discuss with your teacher if the data you have selected is suitable

Step 2: Data processing

  • Transform your data into a suitable format, for example CVS or ARFF
  • You might also need to pre-process your data for it to be suitable for machine learning algorithms

Step 3: Applying machine learning on the data

  • Select and apply a suitable machine learning algorithm for classification or regression on your data
  • Gather suitable performance metrics, for example accuracy and training time

Step 4: Write technical report

  • Write a technical report where you:
    • Describe your data and how it was gathered
    • Describe the pre-processing if you used any
    • Describe and motivate your choice of machine learning algorithm
    • Present and discuss the results
    • Discuss what your machine learning system can be used for


Technical Report Format: [IEEE Conference Proceedings Template]