EEE 450--- Introduction to Machine Learning

Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Fall 2019


Here you can download the different datasets used in the course.

Dataset Format Description Link
Wikipedia 300 ARFF and CSV Wikipedia articles (all code tags removed), 150 about Programming and 150 about Games Download
Iris ARFF and CSV The standard Iris dataset in both ARFF and CSV formats Download
GPU benchmark ARFF and CSV Dataset with benchmarks for different Nvidia GPU cards Download
WIFI localization CSV Localization from WIFI strength signals (link) Download
MNIST CSV The MNIST hand-written digits dataset in CSV format Download
MNIST labels CSV The MNIST dataset in CSV format but with categorical class labels (Zero, One, …) Download
Diabetes ARFF and CSV The standard Diabetes dataset used in many examples Download
Spiral ARFF and CSV A two-dimensional dataset with three spiral arms (requires non-linear classifiers) Download
Glass CSV Glass type identification dataset Download
Banknote CSV Banknote authentication dataset Download